From circus place to campsite

One of the summer highlights for all children in Bogense was the circus – the circus always put their tent up in the area that now is our campsite. The children ran around and played under the benches in the big circus tent and enjoyed the smell of popcorn and had fun watching the clowns while the adults enjoyed the trip with the family and was fascinated by the many exceptional artists.

When Circus Benneweis came rolling through the city with their big train carriages then you knew you soon had to go to Vestre Engvej.

An empty grass field turned for a short moment into something magical for the kids. There also happened other things beside the circus, smaller markets and town parties found place here.

With the time the area at Vestre Engvej 11 where our camping site is one of the best places to have circuses and because the commune saw that it could be a camping site.

The area that we now know as First Camp Bogense City was one of the best places to have circuses and because the commune saw that it could become a camping site and therefor, they made drains and put in water pipes, so there were good facilities for circuses.

In the start of the 1980th could Bogense’s citizens buy stocks for the area so they could keep the thought about a camping site in the future. The camping site was finally build in the late 1980th it was not showy but there was still room to have circuses.

When the camping site after some years wanted to expand Bogense’s town council appointed a new circus area so it was possible to build the camping site we know today.

Sources: daily leader of Nordfyns Museum Palle E. Petersen and the local town children John L. and Birthe L.
Foto: Områdeavisen

Here the legendary sprechstallmeister Nelly Jane from Circus Benneweis shows that the circus has arrived to Vestre Engvej 11 in Bogense.




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