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  1. Owner Information
  2. What are cookies?
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    2. 2.2.How to delete cookies
    3. 2.3.How to avoid cookies 
    4. 2.4.What cookies are used for on our website
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  3. The use of personal information
    1. 3.1.Contact regarding personal information
    2. 3.2.Protection of personal information 

This website is provided by:

First Camp Bogense Camping
Vestre Engvej 11
5400 Bogense

Tlf. +45 64 81 35 08

2. Cookies
This website uses cookies referring to the above purposes.
A cookie is a little text file, which is stored in your browser to recognize your computer for your next visit to our website. There is no personal information saved in our cookies and they cannot contain a virus.

2.1 This long are cookies saved for
Cookies delete themselves after certain amount of months (can variate), while they will be renewed after each visit.

2.2 How to delete cookies
See the instruction here :

2.3 How to avoid cookies
If you do not want to receive cookies it is possible to block them. See instruction here:

2.4 What are cookies used for at
Cookies are used for statistics for the number of users of the website

The website uses cookies from one of the following third parties, who has access to the following cookies:

2.5 Google Analytics traffic measurement

The website uses cookies from Google Analytics for the measurement of traffic on the website

You can deselect cookies from Google Analytics here:

4.Use of personal information

Personal information is never given to a third-party unless you explicitly approve hereto and we never collect your personal information unless you have given them to us through registration, a purchase or a survey. Normally the information is your name, address, postal code, firm, e-mail and telephone number.   

The personal information is used to complete the purchase or service which the information was collected in addition to. Furthermore, are they used to get greater knowledge about you and other users of the website. The use of information includes surveys analysis’s which have the purpose to improve our products, services and technology as well as display of content and ads which are modified to your hobbies and interests. 

3.1 Contact regarding personal information

If you want access to the information that is registered about you at First Camp Bogense Camping please contact us at or call us + 45 64 81 35 08. Is the wrong data registered or you have other objections can you contact us on the same info. You have the possibility to get insight in the information that is registered about you and you can object against registration referring to the personal data law. 

3.2Protection of personal informaton

According to the personal data law, your information has to be stored safely and confidentially. We keep your information on computers with limited access which are placed in controlled facilities and our security measures are being controlled regularly to secure that your personal information is being stored responsibly and in consideration of your rights as a consumer. We cannot guarantee 100% safety for your information by data transmission via the internet which means there is a risk that some ineligible party might force access to information when data is send and stored electronic. You submit your personal data at your own risk. 

Personal data is deleted or anonymized continuously as the purpose that they were gathered for is completed. Personal data is at the most saved for 12 months.

The fast Development of the internet means that changes in our way of treating the personal data can be necessary. Therefore, do we reserve the right to update and change present guidelines for treatment of personal data. If we do, we will of course change the date for “last updated” below on the site. We will inform you on our website in case of significant changes.

According to the personal data law, it is your right to be informed of which information can be fascinated to you in the extent where the personal data is treated about you. If data regarding you is incorrect, can you demand to get them deleted, blocked or corrected.

If the information regarding you is made to object for treatment is it possible for you at any time to make an objection. You can also at any time withdraw your consent. You have the opportunity to complain about the treatment of your information and data regarding you. The complaint has to be filed to the data authority cf. personal data law § 58.



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