Camping with children – The best holiday in children’s memory

If children could decide where the holiday should go or how it should be held, there is no doubt: Camping!

The campsite has various well-equipped playgrounds, varied activities for everyone, beach nearby and not least the water park just around the corner. It is no problem to go camping with children when you are at First Camp Bogense Camping.

Here, as a child, you find the ultimate freedom and at the same time the greatest peace of mind seen with the eyes of a child. Imagine being able to get out of the caravan in the morning, meet up with your friends – either some new or them from last year – and then play the whole day.

The possibilities are countless and even the most interesting on the iPad suddenly does not matter. Nothing beats a summer with the friends.
It´s very funny and exciting to go around the different playgrounds or maybe take a trip to the water park and really feel like a master- and at the same time have the knowledge that mom and dad are close by if you’re hungry or just want a warm hug.

Camping holidays are also a good idea with small kids, because there is no nursery or kindergarten – only rich opportunity to be together with mom and dad, which of course is priceless when you are just a little one who thinks that mom and dad are the best in the world.

Good experiences are always good memories.

See more about camping with children here on the side. You can start looking at the accommodations we offer. Whether you are in your own caravan, tent or camper, or want a nice holiday in one of our luxury cabins.

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