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The funniest playgrounds

At First Camp Bogense City there are plenty of play options for all ages, since we have three different playgrounds and a playing field.

The largest playground have a slide, climbing tower, mooncars with related racetrack, bouncing pillow and much more.

The playground is placed in a massive sandbox, so if the childrens prefers sitting still and quietly make sandcastles, they can do that too.

The bouncing pillow on the large playground is a big hit: The children runs towards it in the morning, jumps the whole morning (and maybe comes home for a quick lunch), continues playing all afternoon and often we see parents running around to catch the happy and playful kids, to get them back with them to the caravans before sunset. The children have a blast on the playground, and mommy and daddy knows, where to find them.

At the tarzan-playground there is a cable car, bouncing pillow and different equipment that creates many opportunities for trying to climb up and down, or what about trying to climb the monkey bars? This is the place for older children – those with vanity of a teenager – to hang out and spend some hours, even though they might say that they are too old for playing…

The playground for the youngest ones are also the smallest one. Here you find funny rocking animals, a sandbox, and a little slide where you land safely in the arms of mom or dad.

Behind the waterpark is a playing field, where there is often a soccer game or other ballgames arranged. Many young campers like a fight with our young employees, who can give even the toughest soccer boy or -girl something to work for.


If you are staying in one of the camper pitches or one of our cabins, the playgrounds are free to use.

If you do not live at the campsite, it costs DKK 25,- pr. pers. pr. day. This also applies to guests from Danland. You must go to the reception to get a bracelet, which signals that you live here.


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