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Big indoors pool with waterslide and steambath

Right next to the camping site we have Bogense Svømmehal, which is a part of First Camp Bogense Camping.

Many hours of fun are awaiting for both adults and children, in the waterpark of Bogense. The temperature is always 29 degrees Celcius, so even when it rains or snows, the temperature is always as a sunny day in Hawaii.

In the waterpark you find two bassins, which are both split up in two sections. In the large bassin there is a section for those who swim in one side, while you on the other side can play and have fun with floating toys, a rope hanging from the ceiling and a springboard. The depth in one end is 1,3m, while the deepest spot is 3,3m.

You can also take a slide down the waterslide to the groundfloor, where you end up in the warm bassin, that has a depth from 0,6m to 1,2m. This is the optimal place for children and parents to hang out together – from baby to teen.


Indoor pool prices, if you live on the camping site
Indoor pool, incl. fitness in High season* 30,- pr. pers.
Indoor pool, incl. fitness in Low season** 20,- pr. pers.
Indoor pool prices, if you DO NOT live on the camping site
Indoor pool, incl. fitness Adult (12+) 60,- pr. pers.
Indoor pool, Child 50,- pr. pers.

*High season from 30/6 – 12/8 2018 and 9/5 – 21/5 2018

** Low- and mid season – other periods than high season

Indoor pool facilities::

  • Bassin 25 x 12,5 m. 27° warm
  • Warm-water bassin, 33° warm, depth 0,6 m
  • Warm-water bassin, 33° warm, depth 1,2 m
  • Springboard 1 m
  • Climbing rope
  • big waterslide, length 35 m
  • Little childrenslide
  • Saunas
  • Infra-red sauna

Wi-fi can be bought in the shop



The beach



Fitness center

Outdoor pool

Creativity Workshop


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