In your own caravan, auto camper or tent.


950m2 modern and beautifully decorated space, is at your availability when you visit Bogense Strand Camping.


See where the different pitches are on a map of the campsite.


Take a look around our campsite and see what you can expect when you arrive.



At Bogense Strand Camping the whole family can enjoy a nice camping holiday close to the beach, marina and town. We have an indoor waterpark with a waterslide and we also have a big heated outdoor pool. We have multiple playgrounds around the campsite and we have a lot of activities throughout the season. Shortly said: Camping when it is best!

Whether you arrive in your own caravan, autocamper or tent we have a place for you.


Autocamperpitches are marked with red on the map. All autocamperpitches have water and drain, and it is a perfect fit for campers with a motorhome, because it is easy to get in and out of.

Please notice that you have to bring your own cables for the drain, water and electricity.


We offer 6 different pitch categories, below you can see a small description of them. All pitches have electricity connection, and tents may be in all categories.

  • Bronzepitches are marked with orange on the map. Bronzepitches are approx. 100m2
  • Silverpitches are marked with blue on the map. Pitches are from 120m2 to 130m2.
  • Goldpitches are marked with pink on the map. Goldpitches have a popular placement, typically close to toilets or a playground. Sizes are from 130m2 to 140m2.
  • Platinumpitches are marked with purple on the map. All of these pitches have water and drain.
  • Diamondpitches are marked with yellow on the map. All these pitches have water, drain and TV outlet.

Please notice that you have to bring your own cables for the drain, water and electricity.



Pitch fees

CategoriLow season
29.03 - 29.05
11.06 - 28.06
12.08 - 20.10
High season
30.05 - 10.06
29.06 - 11.08
BronzeDKK 60,-DKK 140,-
SilverDKK 70,-DKK 150,-
GoldDKK 80,-DKK 160,-
PlatinumDKK 100,-DKK 200,-
DiamondDKK 150,-DKK 250,-
AutocamperDKK 70,-DKK 150,-

In addition, there is a person fee

Price per night
Adults, incl. environmental feeDKK 90,-
Children (0-11), incl. environmental feeDKK 67,-
DogDKK 25,-
Optional PLUS package (Free waterpark, swimmingpool, fitness and baths)DKK 30,- in low season
Electricity per kWhDKK 25,- in high season
Environmental fee per pers. (only at ACSI and Elite Camp offers)DKK 15,-
Extra safety:Price per stay
Guarantee for choice of specific pitchDKK 100,-
Full Cancellation protection9% of booking
Cancellation protection in case of illness4% of booking

Camping Card is required. If you do not have a camping card of any kind, we can make a card upon arrival. It cost DKK 110,-, and can be ordered when you book online.

Other prices

Price in DKK
Shower (4 min.)5,-
Rent of private bathroom (per. day)200,-
Day visitor25,-
Washing machine45,-
Tumble Dryer25,-
Activity prices - Overnight guests
Outdoor swimmingpool10,- per pers.
Indoor waterpark, incl. fitness in High Season*30,- per pers.
Indoor waterpark, incl. fitness in Low Season*20,- per pers.
Minigolf20,- per pers.
Activity prices - If you DO NOT sleep at the campsite
Outdoor swimmingpool50,- per pers.
Indoor waterpark - Adults, incl. fitness60,- per pers.
Indoor waterpark - Children50,- per pers.
Minigolf adults40,- per pers
Minigolf children (0-11)30,- per pers.
Access to our playgrounds (per day)25,- per pers.
Wireless Internet / WiFi
1 day (24 hours)19,- per unit
1 week69,- per unit
3 months249,- per unit
Camping CardPer season
Camping Key Europe (Only required if you do not have a camping card, of any kind.)DKK 110,- per family

*High season from 29.06 – 11.08 2019 and 30.05 – 10.06 2019


Get UNLIMITED access to our waterpark, swimmingpool, fitness and free showers!

Our PLUS package offers:

  • Free and unlimited access to the indoor waterpark and swimmingpool
  • Free showers in all service buildings all day
  • Free unlimited access to our Fitness Centre

All at an affordable price:
DKK 30,- per person, per day in low season.
DKK 35,- per person, per day in high season.

All persons that stay together must order the PLUS package in the full lenght of the stay.

Can be ordered as an option upon online booking or arrival.


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